My name is Basilio Salaices and this is my online portfolio. Here you can view many of the designs that I have created throughout years for individual one to one customers, to major companies and personal projects.

Though I don't have a degree, I possess over 10 years experience in the field of visual communications and lithography. I have the real world traing that can't be learned in school. In addition I have an artistic background that has lead me to understand the balance of elements in a graphic design are important for executing an effective design.

my story

I started my career in print and design at the Tower Records Print Shop in West Sacramento, California. The corporate headquarters for the now defunct recorded retail innovator. There I started working in the bindery department, cutting, padding and shipping till it was second nature to handle paper.

From the bindery curiosity moved me quickly to a feeder position on a 2-color 40" Heidelberg. Where too I was curious on how it worked. Being the company was family owned, they liked to promote from within, I soon was operating the press. I printed their rack leader cards using PMS spot colors to 4 color process jobs. During that time I was lucky enough to print a run of their famous calendar using 3 spot colors.

I wanted to lean more so I started stripping film and burning plates that would be needed to run jobs on press. After stripping and plating became second nature I had time between plates processing to pull the film needed to strip. It became a source of pride the amount of output I could produce, but I needed to know more.

Since I was a single child I had some time on my hands and with that time I was creative. From drawing mock technical drawings of spaceships with a ruler, mechanical pencil and stencils to moody charcoal sketches, I had to create. Being I ha d a creative spark in me I wanted to know how to "create" on a computer.

My manager at Tower noticed my interest in wanting to learn even more at the print shop, so she invited me to learn how to layout business cards in a PageMaker template. From there Tower Records started sending me to school to earn a degree in visual communications. I started laying out bigger and more complex jobs in InDesign and Quark ExPress to the point where I was promoted to a pre-press technician. I imposed jobs created in our art department in order to output film for the presses. I learned how to trouble shoot font issues to color discrepancies.

After working in the pre-press department for a while a new departmet was created at Tower. Tower Visual Concepts. This department was in charge of creating large format prints for Tower Records' wall board and light box program. In TVC I was resposible for manipulation images and producing large format prints of artwork of up and coming albums and video releases for use in the wall board prpogram . I worked closely with the advertising and art deparment to develop the prossess and procedures of communication between both departments. I was sento to various large format print shops to examine new printers and RIP systems that we woulld be purchasing.

I was fortunate enough to work my way up in a national corporation to the point that I was helping make large disisions that would have an effect on how Tower Records would brand and market themselves. Unfortunatly poor management of money led Tower to great debt and the company was sold to a liquidator and was disolved.

After a short stint of unemployment I found employment in Folsom at Fast Signs as their head designer. I designed signs, banners and other large format items. I operated a Mimaki JV5.I was givin an idea quickly sketched down on a pice of paper and I created an original design, sent it to proof and upon approoval produce an item whithin 24 hours and often the same day. At Tower I had to create the same image for upto 96 sizes within a week or so of multiple releases so had the production side down. I learned a lot about the sign business in a short amount of time there being they were a busy shop and again it was something new to learn about.

At Fast Signs I eventually strated meeting with the customers and getting more involved in helping created design and sign soulutions that would best suite their needs. I created signs and banners that would be seen from a long distance. From a 40' banner for a construction company to a 12' x12' sign, that was permantly installed at a local school, of one of my designs.

Eventually I was givin an oppertunity to work for Sacramento Signs a sign shop that prided themselves with having bold designs and different ways of conveying ideas in sinage. Here I was givin free rein of my graphic design duties. The owers enjoyed my personal designs and trusted that I was going to keep their name good. I was able to design a web site for local custom painter James Deane. Cut paint maskes for a MIA/POW car that is to placed in the Smythsonian. Let my creativity free. Unfortunatly our economy let to the demise of a tulry cool signshop, wich leaves me where I am now, in search of employment.